Fossil gas is a dangerous fuel which harms the climate and the environment wherever it gets ex- tracted and used. The current report summarizes some of these harms and looks at who pays the price for new fossil gas infrastructure projects.

Key messages:

Fossil gas is dangerous for climate, environment & communities.

We all pay for new gas infrastructure through our bills, taxes, subsidies & guarantees.

Building new liquefied fossil gas terminals relies on shaky assumptions and could lock people into debt.

Liquefied fossil gas terminals are underused and if demand goes down, the LNG bubble will burst.

The current report looks at two cases of big new gas projects in the Global South. We summarize the publicly available information on the public and private finance and related debt. We show the impacts of these projects on the ground and point out which foreign entities, including European ac- tors, are driving these extractive projects.

The price for more fossil gas is paid by gas consu- mers, taxpayers through direct subsidies to the fossil gas industry, by local communities who bear the damages and by everyone through the im- pacts of an accelerating climate crisis.