Here you can find all our resources on gas, its links to climate change, and the struggles going on around the world to stop new gas infrastructure.Here you can find all our resources on gas, its links to climate change, and the struggles going on around the world to stop new gas infrastructure.


Zines are self-published, grassroots magazines, and we have made two on gas! Inside you can find short comics to hear about anti-gas struggles, quizzes, crosswords, tips for resilience and much more.

Please get in touch if you would like to help us translate our zines and spread them more widely – just email us.

A Guide to Gas

Our first zine guides you through the fossil gas story, what the problem is, and the wonderful people fighting this industry. Through creative comics and stories, learn about the struggle of Samir Flores, the NoTAP movement, fossil gas infrastructure in Germany, and the European fossil gas problem of lobbying and support for this destructive industry. You can also test your knowledge with a quiz and a crossword! And dive into a myriad of climate camps for summer 2019!

Goodbye Gas

For COP25 in 2019, the Gastivists Zine went international! A whole new zine to say goodbye, adios, adeus to fossil gas – in English, Spanish, and Portuguese! This second zine brings you two graphic novels with beautiful stories of resistance against fossil gas from Mozambique and Vaca Muerta. There are also some top tips on resilience and care, for our movement is powerful when it’s sustainable and we look after one another. Finally, it’s the return of fun games to test your knowledge with a quiz, corporate crosswords, and bullshit bingo!

Solstice Zine

During the summer solstice 2023, we gathered activists from across Europe for a gathering alongside de Danube. We dived into the different realities of organising within Europe, and explored how to better organise together. Our third zine (self-published magazine) is the result of a truly collective process during the gathering. It captures the learnings and experiences of participants.

Stop Motion Video

Our favourite video ever explaining “why gas is bad”. Watch it, translate it, share it.

[available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish]


What is gas? Is it clean? Can it help us move towards a Just Transition? Well, no.

Fossil gas is surrounded by greenwashing and false solutions spread by the gas industry. The truth is, gas is a fossil fuel, and is now the biggest contributor to the growth of greenhouse gas emissions. The real story of fossil gas is one of neo-colonialism, of injustice, of communities impacted across the world. This has to stop.

Our videos tell the real story of gas. Help us to put an end to the fossil gas myths by sharing them on social media and at your events. 

The videos have subtitles available in Spanish, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and English. To enable subtitles click the settings button on the bottom right hand corner – you can choose your language as well as the size of subtitles.

Fossil Gas: Part of the Problem, not the Solution

Fossil gas is driving injustice, neocolonialism, and destruction across the world. The gas industry and its lobbyists fill the pockets of politicians, selling gas as the solution our climate needed all along. But we know the real and disastrous impacts of fossil gas on our communities and our climate, and all around the world we rise against fossil gas.

Europe wants to do WHAT?

The EU gives priority status to fossil gas projects, destroying our communities and our climate whilst claiming to be climate leaders. Fossil gas is incompatible with the European Green Deal and the Just Transition we need for people and the planet.

Clean Gas is a Dirty Lie!

Where does fossil gas come from and what’s wrong with it? Well…A LOT! LNG terminals, pipelines, and fracking impact and displace communities, and methane leaks into our atmosphere every step of the way.

Ditch Coal without Gas!

No to fossil fuels means no to coal and no to gas! The fossil fuel industry wants to jump from one dirty energy to the next, taking us from coal to fossil gas and straight into climate breakdown. We know there is a better way: Just Transition!


Check out our webinars to learn new skills, hear what the fossil gas industry is up to and how people are resisting gas expansion around the world.

A webinar to make some sense of how COVID-19 is affecting the fossil gas industry, and in turn how this affects us and the global anti-gas movement. From the situation in global markets to on-the-ground impacts, and looking into what a just recovery from COVID-19 could look like.

Zoom, skype, jitsi…. online organising and especially facilitating online meetings can be quite overwhelming.

Catch up on this webinar to learn some tips and advice on general facilitation, but also how to translate these tools, practices and processes online.

On this webinar we heard from campaigners and activists from Mozambique and Portugal. With our speakers we looked into the threats of Liquid Gas and Liquid Gas Terminals, the devastating impacts of projects in Cabo Delgado, and what international solidarity has looked like and could evolve into. Catch up on these discussions and find out ways to get involved with the recording and resources below:

On 18th June 2020 we held a webinar to debunk the obscure TEN-E & PCI European processes, and to explain why they’re relevant to all fossil gas struggles. This webinar was held to inform and mobilise gas fighters for a public consultation the EU Commission held on the TEN-E Regulation (the legislation that determines which energy projects can get priority status and financial support from the EU). The consultation is now closed, but you can still check out the webinar if you need to get your head around all the EU legislation that deals with gas infrastructure.


The world of the gas industry can seem daunting, but don’t worry – there are lots of excellent resources out there to help you get your head around it!


Governments and intergovernmental institutions like the European Union falsely promote fossil gas as a clean energy source and as a solution for energy security, with some governments even toting fossil gas as a solution for peace in the region. Not only does exploiting gas reserves both spark and fuel militarization, it threatens the health and livelihoods of communities living near the projects and accelerates climate breakdown; threatening food security and security of dwelling, increasing the risk of extreme weather events, and other risks.

A pertinent, contemporary example is the EastMed-Poseidon; Europe’s latest mega-pipeline project and a geopolitical minefield. It is designed to carry fossil gas from under the disputed waters between Israel and Cyprus to Italy, via Cyprus and Greece. Its final destination is the EU gas network.

Fossil gas is a dangerous fuel which harms the climate and the environment wherever it gets ex tracted and used. 
The report summarizes some of these harms and looks at who pays the price for new fossil gas infrastructure projects. It explores two cases of big new gas projects in Indonesia and Mozambique. We show the impacts of these projects on the ground and point out which foreign entities, including European actors, are driving these extractive projects.