our vision: a world without gas

We are driven not only by the urgency to end gas 
– and the fossil era – but by our vision for an energy system designed to meet peoples’ needs, for peoples’ autonomy and for peace.

For a tomorrow free from Putin
and other petro-dictators.

A tomorrow free from climate-hostile
and war-feeding fossil fuels.

A tomorrow of climate justice and peace.

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We know what will happen if we continue with a fossil fuel economy. Rich countries and global powers like the US and Europe, while carrying slogans of ’democracy’ and ’peace’, have ignored this problem for years. Ignoring urgent demands for a just transition from oil and gas, they have fuelled the climate crisis, while also enabling authoritarian regimes – like Putin’s – to grow in power. 

We also know that there is a pathway away from gas that would protect the most vulnerable. If we prioritise peoples’ needs and safety we can ensure that the fight against gas is also a fight for a just transition towards a more fair and sustainable energy system.  

A world without gas means…

Climate Justice

We need to stay below the 1.5-degree warming threshold to avoid hitting climate tipping points and temperature rise spiralling out of control. 

Gas is a fossil fuel which emits methane – a highly dangerous and potent greenhouse gas, which over the course of 20 years can cook the planet up to 105 times more than CO2. 

Ending gas would take us one step closer to climate justice. 

Warm Homes

Ending fuel poverty means that families would no longer have to choose between eating or heating their homes. 

Rapidly rolling out renewable energy systems, and energy efficiency measures like heat-pumps and home insulation (starting with the most vulnerable) will keep homes warm and families protected from volatile gas prices. 

A Just Transition

Like it or not, the fossil era will come to an end. 

Rather than leaving it to the last minute and creating a chaotic cliff-edge that will plunge millions into poverty, we should start RIGHT NOW, with a managed transition away from gas that protects workers’ rights and livelihoods.


Power to the People

The extraction, distribution, and burning of gas always leads to violence and oppression. 

Fracking and drilling displaces communities, usually violently, and destroys the environment. Pipelines are the site of militarisation and conflict. Authoritarian regimes, including Russia, are sustained by exporting gas. 

Ending gas would help communities reclaim their land, freedom, and power. Money could go back into our communities instead of towards corporate profit or authoritarian regimes and their war chests.



We are already living in a climate-changed world, and decentralised, smaller-scale renewable energy systems are much more resilient to climate impacts than centralised power stations. 

Cleaner air, water, and soil, and an energy system designed to meet peoples’ needs, not maximise profit, will mean communities that are safer and healthier. 

Societies that are prepared to take care of each other whatever the future may bring – that’s a world that’s worth fighting for.

Gas is over! (If you want it)