UNFCCC Climate talks

The Gastivists Collective has attended the COP conferences since 2017. We participated in COP23 in Fiji (Bonn, 2017), COP24 in Katowice (Poland, 2018), COP25 Chile (Madrid, 2019).

The UNFCCC is where world “leaders” drag their feet on climate action and corporate lobby groups run riot. The Gastivists go there to make sure there are voices against gas speaking loud and clear among the greenwashing, and to connect with other gas fighters from around the world.


We teamed up with partner organisations to organise Toxic Tours – a guided tour for journalists and activists to reveal the truth behind greenwashing efforts and the ongoing presence of the fossil fuel industry in the climate negotiations. 

We held a toxic tour inside the UN talks in Katowice (COP24) and in the streets of Madrid (COP25). 

Click the image for the live footage of our Toxic Tour in Katowice (Cop24) or read the coverage by Desmog

Watch the footage from Democracy Now! on our Toxic Tour in Madrid (COP25)


We have hosted official panel discussions where activists, campaigners and scientists came together to share their powerful stories of gas resistance. As much as possible, we aim to invite and support impacted community members to tell their own story.  

We also organise a number of workshop and strategy meetings to talk about the fight against gas with an international audience.  


Organising mass walk-outs of pro-gas events, putting up anti-gas stickers, interrupting politicians glorifying the gas industry, getting kicked out of gas lobbying events. The opportunities to speak out against the gas industry are endless at COP talks…