The TAP pipeline is the last leg of the Southern Gas Corridor, a mega pipeline that is planned to bring gas from Azerbaijan to Italy.

The TAP project is not just a local issue

The Movimiento NoTAP in Italy published this strong message on their page:

The TAP project is not just a local issue; it has implications that go far beyond the territory of the province of Lecce, and even beyond the countries it crosses, because it contributes to strengthen an energy system based on the exploitation of fossil fuels, which in turn has serious consequences for climate change, that dramatically affects our planet.

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline is part of the “Southern Gas Corridor” — a chain of proposed mega-pipelines that would pump billions of cubic meters of gas from Azerbaijan to Europe every year. The construction of TAP would destroy Europe’s climate goals, increase energy dependence from an oppressive and dictatorial political regime such as Azerbaijan, divert billions in funding away from renewable energy, and have unacceptable impacts on the communities on its path.

Instead of rapidly reducing emissions, as required by the Paris Agreement, TAP would lock Europe into fossil fuels for decades.

In Europe there are many companies involved in the construction of the pipeline, as well as banks that will finance the project, and without whose financial support the TAP could not be realized.

In the light of this, it is important that European get involved first hard in deciding the energy future of the continent and become aware of the urgent need to oppose the construction of the TAP and of any other fossil fuel projects.


Lots of information on the pipeline here :

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Planned route of Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, as part of the Southern Gas Corridor

Planned route of Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, as part of the Southern Gas Corridor.

No-TAP protests, South Italy

No-TAP protests, South Italy

No-TAP protests, Southern Italy.

No-TAP protests, Southern Italy.

Olive trees, wrapped.

Olive trees, wrapped.