Anna shares her experience at the Rolling Resistance against fracked gas in the UK:

“This July the Rolling Resistance kicked off in Lancashire, UK with disruptive action against Cuadrilla and the fracking industry every-single-working-day!

Lancashire is the flagship fracking site for Cuadrilla in the UK and company hope to make the pad the biggest in Europe. The local community have been resisting fracking for 6 years and there has been direct action from protection camps since January of this year. In July, national direct action network Reclaim the Power joined forces with these communities to increase the pressure.

There were actions at the site entrance almost every day, despite increased presence of security and police brutality. The month saw 96 arrests, an incredible 4 day and night truck-surf, brand new affinity groups forming and mass family friendly demonstrations at the site every Friday to shut it down. There was also a month long camp set up to complement existing protection camps which has since been taken over as an ongoing space by local residents.

The month has drawn hundreds of people to the Preston New Road site, many of them taking direct action for the first time.  Media coverage of the actions has spread the word about Cuadrilla’s attempt to ignore local opposition far and wide. International audiences are now more aware of the incredible fight people in Lancashire, and all of us supporting them, are putting up to stop fracking taking place.

The Rolling Resistance has awakened an even stronger and more determined community of resistance to fracking: not here, not anywhere. The figures speak for themselves: government data out last week showed public support for fracking in the UK at record low, with just 16% in favour of drilling for shale gas. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of people in the UK support renewables. Seems like the government and the fracking industry are having trouble with simple maths if they’re serious about trying to carry on…

It’s been an incredible month. There’s been triumph, lots of laughter, tears, newfound friendships and some serious bravery on show. This is by no means the end. We won’t stop resisting fracking. Until. We. Win.”

For more information, see Reclaim the Power website.