In 2019, we organised the first ever grassroots gathering to connect people fighting gas – from Greece, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, Italy and many more locations. We spent three days in Amsterdam sharing knowledge, tactics, stories of our resistance.



We regularly attend climate camps to give workshops on gas, bring resources, do communication work and have strategic meetings with international allies. In the last years, we were present at camps in Germany, the UK, Portugal, Italy and Sweden.

FOSSil Gas Trap (Sweden)

We have supported the fight against the LNG terminal in Gothenburg Sweden over many years. The local group Fossilgasfallen tirelessly campaigned until the final permit for the terminal was denied by the Swedish government on climate grounds. 

We supported Fossilgasfallen through communication work, connecting them with allies and inviting speakers to their climate camp. In 2019, we invited an indigenous activist from Texas and an activist from Ireland to join the mass action against the fossil gas terminal in Gothenburg. Watch the video we shot while there on what is meant by “decolonising” the climate movement.

EastMed pipeline 

The EastMed pipeline is a mega gas pipeline that would bring gas from the highly contested Eastern Mediterranean gas fields via Cyprus and Greece to the european gas network via Italy. Opposition to the project is forming in Israel, Palestine, Italy, Cyprus and Greece, among both grassroots groups and national NGOs. 

We have delivered a number of workshops to grassroots groups and NGOs to raise awareness about the pipeline. We are actively outreaching to groups living along the route of the pipeline, as well as organisations working against militarisation. We have published a report explaining the context and impacts of the EastMed. 

Find our more on EastMed

NOTAP (Italy)

NoTAP is a grassroots resistance movement from southern Italy which opposes the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), a mega project that will bring gas from Azerbaijan to Europe. In 2017, this group of local officials, farmers, fishers, local business owners, parents, grandparents and students engaged in peaceful civil disobedience to stop their ancient olive groves being cleared for the construction of the pipeline. The Italian state reacted with a strong police presence, the militarisation of the area and the arrest of many activists. Around 100 activists are now facing trial for their protest, with staggering legal fees. We created the NoTAP Resistance Fund to help cover their costs and raise awareness about the ordeal these people are going through for daring to protect their livelihoods and environment. You can find the crowdfunding page here []. Check out more about NOTAP resistance.

MidCat/Step (Catalona, France)

This mega-pipeline was planned to connect the gas networks of Spain, France and Portugal, to allow even more gas to be pumped around Europe and increase dependency on fossil fuels. It was met with sustained and strategic resistance from activists on either side of the border. We supported their great work by bringing the fight to an international stage, collaborating on challenging EU support for the project and raising awareness about the project during an action at COP24 in Poland. Eventually activists were vindicated when the national regulators ruled that the project was completely unnecessary. The project was stalled indefinitely and lost its EU priority status.