Energy Futures is the new Gastivists’ project. As we’re fighting fossil fuels and work for energy and climate justice, we came through some difficult questions: e.g. if we are against gas, oil, coal, hydrogen, if we fight industrial RES, then do we want to go back to the caves and live with no electricity? Is it possible to change the way energy is produced and consumed? Why so many people are fighting industrial RES, even if the understand the need of getting rid of the fossil fuels and they are not climate deniers? What is the role of the grid and why should we take it into account? How can we store energy without promoting neocolonial extractivism? What is the best model of managing energy, state owned, or private or community owned? Are energy communities the solution?Having all this in mind, we try to navigate through the difficult questions on energy transition and how our  energy future may look like in order to cover people’s real needs, fight energy poverty and guide us to a fair energy system. So, let’s try to figure out together what our narrative should be in order to mobilize people and give a hopeful way out from fossil fuels.

Do you even own a solar panel ?
I don’t. And if I am honest, I don’t want to spend
the money or the time.

Our research on the energy transition took us to Lithuania,
because it has an insane amount of individually-owned solar panels!
It is also one of the last EU countries that went from having
a state-owned energy system to a liberalised one
(and it has great potato dumplings). 

The one thing everyone
is forgetting  to campaign on
Fair enough though, it’s hard to find
a topic less sexy than the grid

Anti-renewable groups :
with us or 
against us?
We went to hang out with people who hate wind farms – and here is what we learnt 

If not gas then-what?
Let’s face the hard questions