Gastivists @ COP 24

A few Gastivists went to Poland earlier in December 2018 for the climate circus – the 24th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, where world ‘leaders’ drag their feet and corporate lobby groups run riot. We came to make sure there were voices against gas speaking loud and clear amongst the green washing, and to connect with gastivists from around the world.

Pipeline in Katowice

In a groundbreaking victory for anti gas activists around the world, this pipeline was blocked from entering the climate negotiations..! If only. We had a lot of fun convincing security to allow a 5m long ‘NO GAS’ pipeline into the venue, check out the video.

Panel discussion: “No room for fosil gas in a 1.5°C world”

The Gastivists hosted an official panel discussion. For the event, Carol from the Midcat resistance in Catalonia and Roscoe from the anti fracking resistance in the UK came to COP to share their powerful stories. They spoke alongside Wanun from Climate Watch Thailand, Antonio from MOCCIC (Movimiento Ciudadano Frente al Cambio Climático) in Peru, May Boeve from 350, and Bob Howarth, methane scientist from Cornell University.

You can view the recording of the event here.

Toxic Tour COP24
We organised  a toxic tour of COP24 – guiding activists and journalists through the country stands to reveal what is really going on with their greenwashing efforts and their push for more gas infrastructure. Read more here and watch the livestream

EU-Gas lobby even walkout

The president of Gasnaturally mega lobby group, who is also CEO of Snam, the company building the TAP pipeline, was left speaking to an empty room. Activists emptied the room when he began to promote gas as a climate solution, and a way to ‘capitalize’ from climate change. This event was hosted in the EU’s space, showing the deep collusion between the EU and this huge lobby group. You can watch it here or read more here.

The event was hosted the same day the EU voted on the Connecting Europe Facility, voting through funding fossil fuel projects for the next 10 years. Outside the event we heard stories resistance to new gas projects from around the world.

Midcat resistance at the COP

December 2019 was a crucial time for the midcat pipeline resistance, as French and Spanish regulators were expected to make a decision on MidCat’s future by end of January. The story was brought to the international stage by activists at the conference. Watch it here.

UK energy minister interrupted by anti fracking activists

The UK energy minister, who has been overruling democracy to impose fracking on communities and region, hosted an event at COP24 to celebrate the UK’s gas and wood burning energy plans. 5 activists stood up and spoke out during her event. The packed room realised Claire Perry’s energy policy is not as celebrated as home as she presents on the international stage, and activists were offered to meet with her back in the UK.

Don’t let the oil&gas industry greenwash COP!

Gastivist Flyer for COP24 (Katowice, Poland) :information about what is happening around fossil gas at COP24 in a flyer.