Top 10 facts about gas

Our top 10 facts about gas. Feel free to use these banners and spread them in your networks.

Global Gas Lock-in

The gas sector is growing worldwide. What are the politics and facts around it? The booklet shows the various dimensions and risks associated with the global and European push for gas.

Stopping A Fossil Fuel Lock-In (video)

Artistic video by Video by @Gastivists which shows the impacts of gas projects and welcomes a global movement rising up to stop fossil gas, fossil fuels, and the extractive economy it maintains.

Gas leakage in fossil fuel extraction (video)

The leakage of gas during the extraction of fossil fuels is normally not visible. Experts have made the gas leakage visible with infrared cameras in an oil extraction site in Veracruz, Mexico.

BP’s Fracking Secrets

Report by Platform and OpSur on Pan-American Energy and Argentina’s shale mega-project Vaca Muerta.

The Great Gas Lock-in

How the gas industry in Brussels is locking us into a fossil fuelled future of unnecessary gas infrastructure.