The massive PR and lobby misinformation campaign currently being waged by the fossil gas industry is diverting hundreds of billions of euros of public money away from the health and climate emergencies, and instead lining the pockets of their billionaire shareholders and CEOs. The result threatens to lock Europe into another generation fossil fuel addiction and import infrastructure that is directly reliant upon devastating extraction practices across the world – such as “fracking” that is itself illegal throughout Europe – that leak huge quantities of climate wrecking methane directly into the atmosphere. All of this subsidized by the European taxpayer. 

On April Fools day activists in 16 cities in 10 countries across Europe pranked gas lobby leaders by launching a guerilla communication campaign to “help the fossil gas industry to finally tell the truth”. 

15 Local groups in Denmark, UK, Portugal, France, Catalunya, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands organized this guerilla communication campaign to challenge the fossil gas industry narrative of gas as a clean, just, financially-viable, green fuel, and to refocus attention on the massive industry lobbying and greenwashing misinformation campaigns taking over our cities. 

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  • fossil gas is a climate-polluting fuel that in Europe is already responsible for more CO2 emissions than coal. 
  • Fossil Gas is about 95% methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that is 118 times more potent than CO2 while in the atmosphere
  • According to a report by CEO, Gas Lobby groups spend an estimated 100million/ year and deploy over 1,000 industry lobbyists in order to sell the idea that gas is good. 
  • European is responsible for about half of global gas imports. Any new import infrastructure in Europe is directly tied to the global fracking boom and human rights abuses around the world.
  • European public institutions have already given hundreds of billions of Euros of public money to build unnecessary fossil gas import infrastructure.

There are currently 74 proposed new mega gas infrastructure projects trying to get public EU funding through the “Projects of Common Interest” platform. Sign this petition before April 8th to tell the EU: Not a single new gas project must be built :

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“The European gas industry thinks that if they exploit countries out of sight, no one will notice.

Communities and land in Mozambique have been violently and irreversibly devastated by the gas industry, for European companies and countries to buy cheap gas, continuing their extractivist practices to maintain economic power over the global South.

Countries like Mozambique bear the hardest brunt of fossil fuel extraction by northern countries  -facing 2 deadly cyclones in 2019 merely months apart.

The European gas industry cannot hide, they can no longer keep up their European way of life at the expense of the poor and marginalised people of Mozambique.”

– Anabela Lemos, director of Justiça Ambiental/ friends of the Earth Mozambique

“Fossil gas is nothing but a bailout of the same old oil industry. It doesn’t deliver on emissions cuts and certainly will not deliver on any sort of just transition for workers.

We need to transition to decentralized renewable energy sources – instead of transitioning to yet another fossil fuel!” 

João Camargo, of Climaximo in Portugal.

“Methane is a greenhouse gas that is more than 100-times more powerful than carbon dioxide, and one quarter of all global warming to date has been caused by methane.

Methane concentrations are rising rapidly in the atmosphere, and the best scientific evidence indicates the natural gas industry is the #1 driver of this increase.”

Robert W. Howarth, Ph.D, global expert on methane emissions at Cornell University, [Ithaca, NY USA]